Taligen is a biotechnology company at the forefront of one of the most exciting new frontiers of anti-inflammatory and autoimmune drug development, complement system regulation. Rapidly advancing multiple clinical candidates and building a deep product candidate pipeline, Taligen’s lead therapeutic candidates are recombinant fusion proteins and monoclonal antibodies focused on orphan diseases, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and severe inflammatory diseases. Taligen’s therapeutics precisely and selectively target key pathways in the complement system, particularly the amplification loop, offering a unique way to interrupt disease processes at the ‘right’ point.Proprietary platform: Taligen is the first and only company dedicated to creating a therapeutic platform based on local and targeted regulation of the undesirable effects of excessive amplification of the complement system. Taligen’s platform is built upon recent discoveries that have shown that excessive activity of the complement amplification loop is central to the pathogenesis of a number of important diseases. Taligen has proprietary technology and unique capabilities to develop novel therapeutics that precisely target sites of disease and intervene before over activity of the complement amplification loop initiates harmful inflammatory responses.Scientific leadership: Experts in complement system biology, Taligen’s founders and scientific collaborators have made some of the recent groundbreaking discoveries relating to the genetic drivers and biological processes that lead to over activation and excessive amplification of the complement system in chronic, life-threatening diseases.

Strategic focus: Taligen has built a deep team of experienced employees and collaborators, raised approximately $70 million from blue chip venture investors, advanced novel preclinical candidates, and secured important exclusive licenses from institutions that pioneered research relevant to the science underlying Taligen’s platform.